inner renewal

When you feel tired in your mind and body yet find yourself unable to stop filling every moment with doing, there comes a time to learn the joy of self care and going inside. To quench your being with restorative, gentle and nourishing moments is not selfish, it is a survival technique that you need in your tool kit in the modern world.


Hi, I’m Charlotte

The fabric of my professional life is made up of three main threads as an artist, restorative coach and arts facilitator.

Having worked for over a decade as an Art Therapist in non statutory services, I have witnessed first hand how engagement at the right time can empower people to lead better quality lives in relationship to themselves and others, find rewarding roles at work and society as a whole and increasing capacity for genuine self love and self care.

The tools I have used over the years support deep insight and positive reframing. It is reassuring to be doing inner work in a safe space where you feel valued and respected for all that you are: warts and all!

As Restorative Coach I call on my power pallet which includes (but is not limited to) techniques with mindfulness, creative ‘mark making’ therapy, visualisation and relaxation, talking, and Gestalt exercises. I am passionate about transformation and helping people reconnect to their vitality and authenticity. This world needs you to step into your heart power and stay rooted, whilst taking flight.


Artist, Dreamweaver and Restorer

The art I create is inspired by Nature and Grace, interwoven with sturdy archetypal feminine roots. The seasons of nature and her cycles underpins much of the work I do with clients too because it offers a great dynamic metaphorical framework of reference for renewal and healing power .

I am a Dreamweaver and a Restorer. I believe in creating the life that is most important to live and in embracing the old ways of restoration. Through the principles of ‘gift exchange’ with our environment, both local and global and with the essence of life itself, we can live in reciprocity to the natural world. That is why I am an artist and therapist. I am soul, I work with soul, I express it and celebrate it!


Quotes from my clients and customers

Charlotte is positive and inspiring to work with. I have felt at ease with her manner and the work has been deeply thought provoking. I have learned to relax in my ‘own’ skin, clear my jumbled mind and take actions to deepen the work we have done through tasks at home. Sometimes an hour isn’t enough!
— Ruth, Lincolnshire
It was love at first sight for me. I visited Charlotte’s studio and couldn’t take my eyes off the Long Ladies, then she approached me with much warmth and kindness. Being in her studio space surrounded by her beautiful and dream like artworks sparked so much joy, hope and inspiration in me. I bought two pieces which I cherish with all my heart
— - Tanaz Assefi, London.
People really ‘get’ her paintings. They aren’t clever or over conceptual yet there are layers of meaning to search for.’
— Phil Haxby Thompson, wine merchant, USA

My Story

…is best found hiding within my work

For the still curious, being a full-time artist came a while after gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art, but my degree studies on memory and the human body led to a Masters and becoming an Art Psychotherapist. After a decade in the visceral world of non-statutory mental health and drug services as an art therapist, in 2011 I responded to an inner call to work purely as an artist. 

Commissions have ranged from murals to book illustration, along with portraits and commemoration paintings Originals of my work can be found across the globe and you may see ranges of my work as cards in discerning outlets!

Find a biography and exhibition list here.