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Womanfest - Glastonbury

WOMAN FEST - Glastonbury


~ I will be facilitating a body banner making workshop Thursday 4 - 6 pm, and Friday 10am - 12 pm and exhibiting a selected few original paintings from the Feminine Awakening Collection*

As part of ongoing current painting work around feminine ancestral lines and reconnecting to our land and landscapes, this workshop will be a time of acknowledging our physical edges whilst experiencing them merging into our collective:

We will draw round each others bodies, allowing patterns to emerge from the spontaneous over lapping of outlines onto large sheets of canvas. With Earth based environmentally friendly paints we will paint in the abstract and figurative shapes letting our imaginations go wild and free! I will bring old pieces of broken pottery found by twenty years of digging soil. With a view to offering some of the patterns as inspiration for the colouring in of some of the shapes.

*As chosen by Treesisters for their official thank you cards gifted to UK donors.

Tickets are availble here.