Workshop - Grief and Praise

Workshop - Grief and Praise


“Grief is the expression of healing in motion” (Martin Prechtel)

Grief and Praise; Honouring our Emotional Landscapes, is an invitation to express and share feelings and memories using creative ways. Our personal and collective stories of grief will be gently witnessed and released, making them lighter loads to bear.

In Native American language of the Tz’’utujil people, “Grief” and “Praise” are the same word. It is natural that love honours what it misses through its depth of grief and so communicates to us what our souls value the most.

This workshop is for those who:

  • would like to express feelings of grief and praise (sorrow and love)

  • want to make deeper connection and feel at peace

  • feel ready to release and free up their capacity to love

  • want to move stuck or blocked emotions safely

  • want to connect with what they cherish

  • wish to honour what is dear to them

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Location and Times:

Lincoln - 9th March 2019 - 1pm-4pm - Mansions of the Future, 15 - 16 St Mary's Street, Lincoln. LN5 7EQ

Nottingham - 25th May 2019 - 1pm-4pm St Mary Church, Church Lane, Arnold, Nottingham. NG5 8HG

What will we be doing?

Placing natural objects and laying out materials of various kinds is akin to creating a collective wreath. We will pay homage to personal stories of grief and loss. The act of creating a mandala gently focuses our attention so that we can express in a sacred and contained manner. It is a universal embrace made up of a never ending circle.

All ‘grief songs’ are invited to be witnessed and shared; You may grieve the loss of someone, the loss of wildlife and natural habitat, a change of life circumstances, the end of a relationship.

Feel free to contact Charlotte with an email to if you have any questions about the day.

Hot beverages will be offered during the workshop, and there will be a short break midway through.