Womens Circle - Lincoln

Womens Circle - Lincoln


Welcome to Lincolns women's circle; a group for feminine wellness of body, mind and soul.

Each month I will support you to reconnect with yourself by offering themes of self love and self care. The space will be held for us to come together and drop into a healing and sharing experience. We will have meditations, visualisation and gentle body movement and our time together will open with traditional tea ceremony.

If you are longing to come together with women to honour feminine wisdom and experience a sense of the sacred in every day life then this circle is for you.

Women at all stages of life are welcome.

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Mansions of the Future, 15 - 16 St Mary's Street, Lincoln. LN5 7EQ

Feel free to contact me at hello@charlottejanekessler.co.uk with any questions and I will answer them as best as I can. This circle is inclusive of all women and those who identify as women.

All growing, learning, comfort zone/ habit breaking, "aha" moments need witnessing and honouring!

The room is carpeted but please bring a blanket / cushion and cosy socks for your comfort.

Thank you and much love

Charlotte x