Private Commission: A creative response to loss

Grief  asks us to step carefully on the path. As memories, emotions and thoughts jostle within us, we get through each day as best we can. Finding ourselves at peace with the loss can be a relief but how do we carry ourselves over towards peace?

For this customer, wanting to have something created especially with their love one in mind became a creative way to deal with the loss and grief they were going through. The painting became a way for them to hold in memory and celebrate the life and love of the deceased.

Symbolic elements played an important part of the visual story, with the white feathers being a heart felt connection to the spirit realm. It was also important that this long lady had wings, as if she became the watcher of the deceased and guardian of him in his next life, another link to a higher angelic realm. The purple sash held personal meaning for the family and so we worked together with ideas to arrive at this beautiful piece, a sister if you like to "Honeybee".

Commemorating a loved one in this way is such a beautiful thing to do, and so unique. I felt deeply honoured to be trusted with creating this work. It was with great sincerity that I approached the design process all the while mindful of how it connected back to the original Long Lady sketch some nine years earlier at the time of my own fathers death.

"Honeybee" was a healing path for me and she was the inspiration for another in response to his own healing journey. "Pennies From Heaven" is now a companion and guardian, a window into the love and life of a parent that can be cherished by the whole family.


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Charlotte Jane Kessler