The Gift of Light- Summer Solstice Alignment

This morning I woke up with such a strong desire to practice yoga. I needed to stretch out my muscles and mind after some weeks without finding the time to practice at all. Somehow body work just reaches in and clears the way for me to align myself and have a good day. And today is Summer Solstice!

There is a feeling of such abundance in nature during the this time. The mayflies are darting about in iridescent electric blue and the cream and pink clovers are in full bloom.  Being a part of nature's song we can experience a wonderful openness to receiving her gifts too. I am gifting myself body work and stretching out my mind, as well as my body to invite a clear vision to what it is I am manifesting in my life.

Charlotte Kessler yoga

In the Native American practice of the Four Directions, the South is affiliated with present time, here and now, daylight, manifestations, full bloom energy and clear vision. Summer Solstice therefore, with days of elongated sunlight and nature opening up mirrors these qualities.

Light, in association with the medicine of the South means we are to stand up and celebrate all that we are and want to become. To shine! It is a time to manifest the changes we literally want to see. So time to act on those wishes and dreams and ideas we've been just 'thinking' about. Let the energy of 'doing' rise up with no judgement or fear of outcome!

'Dance' Mucha. Circa 1889

'Dance' Mucha. Circa 1889

I honor this aspect when I paint. Its not always easy, and it is very true that there are times when the creative process does need to rest quiet in the dark, out of every ones sight. Here ideas can gently grow and eventually come to fruition. Sharing our awakening with others gives them permission to shine and awaken more powerfully to their dreams and authenticity too.

This is the medicine we are currently being offered with the long outstretched days of the Summer Solstice and it can prompt us to reflect nature through our bodies, hearts and minds. 

Charlotte Jane Kessler Art

I am gifting a wonderful discount for you all. 

It is my gratitude gift to say thank you for encouraging me to to continue on this creative and healing path! 

As we step over the threshold of the longest day of the year I am thinking about changes I am putting in place to stretch my creativity out into the world and growing my ideas with full South energy medicine. Now is the time to tune in and express them!

For me it is making more time to practice yoga before working in the studio. I have also forged some proper painting time to go back over my sketch books from last summer and paint out the ideas that are still burning bright.

What ideas do you have that burn inside?  Take a moment and relax into a knowing that you can, in one tiny instant create something differently. Let yourself be seen and heard and in turn encourgae others to do the same.