A Fairyland Book Cover

I first met the author Hamish Adourian at the historical Leadenhall Market in the City of London. He bought a print of my art work and we spoke for some time about creativity, process and dyslexia. Little did I expect that a few years later after finishing his first children's book, that he would get in touch and ask me to design and paint the cover for Jennifer Brown and the Dagger


Book Cover Design Brief

I quickly learnt that the reason Hamish chose me to design and paint the cover sleeve was due to the magical quality inherent to the paintings I make. The 'style and heart' so to speak were already there.

The three main elements of design brief included: Front cover, which had to capture a significant point in time of Jennifer's adventure. The book spine, with a small motif that would figure in the whole trilogy and the back of the book, which needed to be clean enough to accommodate the books description and an eye catching detail that related to an important part in the story. 


I loved the story line of Jennifer Brown and the Dagger and found myself easily visualising the many interesting moments of her adventures as I read through. The story is full of relationships and friendships with their varying qualities and everyday life events for a young person growing up.

Jennifer has dyslexia and Hamish creates a wonderfully sensitive and at times amusing window into challenges faced by a young person dealing with it. In this case some of the challenges faced by a dyslexic brain are quite literally turned on their head and unusual attributes become worthy of something far beyond Jennifer's wildest imagination and dreams!

Meet the author

Childrens Author, Hamish Adourian

Childrens Author, Hamish Adourian

Jennifer likes fairies, but not reading, or writing, or telling the time, or finding her way on a map. When she learns she is the only one who can save the fairies - the real fairies - from a cruel sorcerer holding the Fairy Queen prisoner, Jennifer’s loves and fears collide with secrets, strangers, and magical letters, on a dangerous journey to find Lilah’s Dagger.
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A Wider Vision

This book is also a creative exploration and expression of Hamish's interest in Dyslexia. He works with schools and education centers helping to build awareness for Dyslexia by offering workshops and talks. This adventure book is a celebration of the mirror ball of attributes that individuals with dyslexia may have and wish to develop throughout their life!